Welcome to Entrinki

Entrinki Recycling Centre is the largest specialist recycling facility serving the residents of Kajaani and the surrounding province of Kainuu. Entrinki offers a comprehensive range of recycling services, all under one roof.

We are happy to receive almost anything that is no longer of use to you, but can still bring joy to someone else. Our delivery service will collect and transport any larger items or big batches of recyclables.

After all, like the old saying goes, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

We are happy to receive: Hazardous waste, furniture, toys, electrical appliances, building tools and equipment, clothing, etc.
We sell: Furniture, domestic appliances, clothing, building tools and equipment, toys, bicycles, etc.

Hazardous waste, furniture, toys, electronic appliances, construction material, clothing, etc.

Furniture, household appliances, clothing, construction material, toys, bicycles, etc.